There are many traditional ways to reduce the risk of cycling accidents, such as building separate cycling infrastructure, increasing the visibility of cyclists and reducing the speed of cars where cyclists and cars share the same road. The SAFECYCLE project is taking a different and much more innovative approach. The SAFECYCLE project will investigate how ICT can be used to increase the safety of cyclists.


SAFECYCLE objectives:

  • To identify e-safety applications that will enhance the safety of cyclists in Europe.
  • To create knowledge and awareness concerning the e-safety applications for cycling.
  • To speed up the adoption of e-safety applications in cycling.


This will be realised through:

  • State-of-the-art overview of e-safety applications for cycling.
  • Identify useful e-safety applications/services, based on SWOT analysis and impact assessment.
  • Create a platform as vehicle for communicating results, awareness and match making between relevant parties (industry, Intelligent Car Initiative, authorities, service providers, etc.), thus strengthening the safety of cyclist and making cycling more attractive.

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