Impression workshop EUCG

The EUCG is the European Union Cyclists' Group; cyclists who work for European Institutions.

The aim of the workshop was to collect as much opinions as possible about the different e-safety applications, in a short time. General comments and recommendations were also welcome.

Three applications were considered the most promising applications to enhance the safety of cyclists: Routeplanner Gent, Bicycle braking light and Hindsight (a rear view camera system). 


Apps in detail: Routeplanner Gent

The Routeplanner Gent was considered an application that could be useful in almost all cities and regions that want to promote cycling and offer a useful tool to cyclists to choose cycle routes that are fast, but also safe. The Routeplanner Gent allows searching for routes avoiding situations that are typically considered unsafe by cyclists like tram tracks, cobblestones, ramps, busy roads, roads with bad maintenance. If the option ‘recreational trip’ is checked, the routeplanner will give preference to cycle routes that are separated from car traffic. The information to be shown on the map can be selected: type of cycle network, services, and obstacles, and thus gives a more complete overview of what to expect during the trip.


Some positive comments about the the routeplanner Gent:

"Interesting for all cities in Europe"
"Even for intercity traffic"
"In combination with indentification of dangerous spots"

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