Workshop with Italian cyclists to assess the most promising applications

The aim of the workshop was to collect as much opinions as possible, from Italian cyclists, about the most promising e-safety applications which safety impact will be assessed, in a short time. General comments and recommendations were also welcome.

Three applications were considered the most promising applications to enhance the safety of cyclists in Italy: “Routeplanner Gent”, “LEXGUARD” and “Light lane bicycle lane” (a laser projecting a virtual bicycle lane behind the cyclist to increase its visibility). Other interesting applications are “Citizens Connect” and “Traffic eye Zurich”.



App in detail: LEXGUARD

LEXGUARD was considered the most important application, among those discussed, for the Italian cycling conditions. Especially in Rome, there is little awareness about cycling mobility and safety related issues. Mainly this is due to the low number of cyclists using the bicycle daily (or almost daily) for commuting or leisure. In urban areas like Rome there are many heavy vehicles (trucks, buses, trams) that could benefit of an application like LEXGUARD. This system allows through sensors placed on the heavy vehicle to detect other road users (especially those that cannot be seen in the rear mirrors because of blind zones) and to inform the driver (through sounds, lights or videos) of the presence of a cyclist close to the vehicle. Such advise to the driver can contribute to avoid many traffic accidents between heavy vehicles and bicycles. 

Some positive comments about the LEXGUARD:

  • "Interesting for all urban areas in Italy"
  • "It can allow to avoid dangerous situations with trucks that cannot see the cyclists"
  • "It could contribute to increase awareness of drivers about the safety conditions of cyclists"


Some comments about the other applications:

Traffic eye Zurich:

  • “Very useful in Rome. Often the bus drivers have a low respect of rules, drive fast and don't pay attention to cyclists”
  • “It could be introduced together with the advanced stop line for cyclists”

 Routeplanner Gent:

  • “Useful if it gives "local" indications”
  • “It should consider the road slopes as additional criteria for routing
  • “More useful for cyclists not knowing the area”

 Citizens Connect

  • “It is very interesting to increase awareness about cycling in Italy”
  • “It needs a strong support from the Public Administrations”


Cyclist in Rome in front of the Colosseum

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