Work packages

WP1: Project management.


WP2: To review the state of the art of e-safety applications for cycling.

The domain of e-safety applications and services for cycling is a green field area. A systematic overview is lacking. A state-of-the-art overview, including current and future developments in Europe, USA, Latin America and Japan, is a prerequisite for any further technical development or deployment in the domain of e-safety applications and services for cycling.


WP3: SWOT analysis e-safety applications and services for cycling.

A SWOT analysis will permit to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of each e-safety application/service in cycling.


WP4: To assess the impact of e-safety innovations/applications for cyclists on traffic safety.

For each system/service the impact on traffic safety for cyclists will be identified. With respect to safety impacts, effects are expected directly from increasing the safety for cyclists and indirectly by reducing car traffic. However, the focus will be attended to direct impacts, both by e-safety applications for the cyclists, and e-safety applications for cars, which are focussed on the safety of cyclists.


WP5: To identify the need for further e-safety developments and ICT harmonization/standardization.

Based on a SWOT analysis and impact assessment, recommendations will be formulated towards further ICT developments needed to achieve the full benefit of e-safety for cycling. Special attention will be paid to harmonisation and standardisation issues related to ICT for cycling.


WP6: Dissemination of knowledge on e-safety applications and services for cyclists towards all relevant stakeholders.

A platform on e-safety for cycling will be established, including private IT companies, bicycle industry, policy makers and cycling services providers. The aim is to create more awareness among consumers and decision makers, by stimulating take-up of safety related ICT applications for cyclists.


The figure below shows the project structure

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